Moonraker Ltd Whizz Loops 13-428

Moonraker Ltd Whizz Loops are compact QRP portable loops that are perfect for attaching directly to your ft-817 or other QRP transceiver.

These nifty, small magnetic loops were designed to be an easy to use, instant portable HF antenna solution for stations not exceeding 10 watts in any mode. They attach to an SO-239 and become part of your transceiver. Loop tuning is easily achieved with their built-in tuning circuit.

Available in two versions; order our part number MKR-13-427 to cover 20-6 meters, or the MKR-13-428 to cover 40 through 10 meters. These loops are only 40cm in diameter; that’s about 15.75 in. across!

If you are seeking the tiniest and lightest QRP magnetic loops available, then take a look at one of these Moonraker Ltd Whizz Loops!

Antenna, Whizz Loop V2, QRP, 40-10M, 10W Max AM/CW/SSB, 40 cm/15.75 in. Diameter, PL-259, Each

 TX: 7-30 MHz
 Power: 10W Max AM/CW/SSB
 Width: 40cm
 Connection: PL259
Instillation Instructions
 Simply open the supplied copper loop and attach one end to each of the terminals on the
Whizz Loop
 Then connect the Whizz Loop directly to your transceiver or other mounting method you
may chose to use
 Set the desired band on your transceiver to match that of the Whizz Loop and you are
ready to play

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