The K7RA Solar Update 12/08/2017

Solar activity declined slightly over the past week, another period which saw multiple days (five) with no sunspots. We will see more of these periods over the next 2-3 years as the sun progresses toward solar minimum. There was a geomagnetic storm peaking on December 5. In Alaska, the College […]

RSGB Strategy update [ Video ]

The RSGB launched its new five-year strategy in April 2017 and already it is having an impact on plans and activities across the organisation. In this short video the President, Chairman, General Manager and the Communications Manager talk about some of the ways the Society is engaging with radio amateurs, […]

The K7RA Solar Update

Solar activity increased over the past couple of weeks, with average daily sunspot numbers at 13.4 on October 19-25, compared to 1.7 over the previous seven days. Average daily solar flux increased from 70.5 to 76.7 over the same two weeks. The reason for the radically different averages is because […]